Benefits Of Adding New Replacement Windows

If you're getting ready to embark on some home improvement projects, don't forget about your windows. Your windows account for a majority of the energy loss in your home if they are not insulated or installed properly. If your windows are over 10 years old, you may want to consider having them replaced with energy-efficient models. Here are a few benefits of switching out your old drafty windows with airtight replacements.

Lower Utility Bills

The biggest benefit to having new windows installed is lowered utility bills. When your windows are installed correctly they provide an insulating factor within your home's interior. This means cool air stays out in the winter and warm air stays in. Windows generally come in four different glazes ranging from single to quad. The more glaze, the thicker and more energy efficient the window will be. Because most new windows are double paned, they provide a barrier between indoors and out—keeping the inside at a comfortable temperature. Over time this can cause your gas and electric bill to go down.

Ease Of Use

New vinyl window windows have several features that make cleaning a snap. Tilt-in models allow you to get every nook and cranny clean. Double hung, casement and awning windows all have cranks and sliding mechanisms making them easy to use and open and close. 

Less Stress On HVAC Equipment

Having new windows in your home means that your home's furnace and air conditioner unit are used less frequently. This can save time and money because wear and tear on the motor and other mechanical components of the furnace is reduced. Windows also improve air flow through the home—reducing the need to use your air conditioner during the warmer months.  

Reduces Fading

Old outdated windows may have some form of UV protection built into the glass but in turn they may reduce the amount of visible light that reaches indoors. New technology promotes visible transmittance or VT. VT glass blocks some solar components from penetrating through the window while still allowing a large amount of natural light to flow through. Many new window models often come standard with this type of coating on their windows. Not only does this help with temperature control inside the home, it also helps reduce the risk of fading your interior carpet space, drapery and furniture.

Speaking with your building contractor about new windows to go with your vinyl siding or new construction project will help you explore all of your options within your design needs and budget. For more information, visit or a similar website.