What To Ask Your Plumber Before Finalizing Bathroom Plans

A brand new bathroom is like a brand new start for the entire home. New bathrooms can bring about a luxurious feel, or at least make getting ready in the morning a little more fun! Before you finalize all the pieces to your bathroom construction, there are a few crucial questions that you should ask your plumber.

Will the shower drain have any issues?

A nice, standing shower and a separate Jacuzzi tub are as relaxing as they sound. The drawbacks are hardly ever thought of during the planning phase, but can be an issue later. Make sure that along with that standing glass shower, there won't be any draining issues. If the floor leans to a side that does not contain the drain, there may be issues with slighting flooding on your bathroom floor after every rinse off. Furthermore, consider how well the drain will wash down dirt and hair. If the drain does not lend itself to durability, you may have to rethink or reconfigure your shower design.

Which is better: Pedestal, vanity, or wall mounted?

Though a luxurious vanity for your sink may hold the key to your heart, you must build a bathroom design that is appropriate for your bathroom. In a restroom with low square footage, it may be best to develop wall shelves and free up any floor space that you may have. For extra tiny bathrooms for guests, you may not need to store as many products, and a wall-mounted sink can be just as eye catching and even more affordable. Ask your plumbers professional opinion about the installation and look of your sink choice.

Can my appliances decrease my water intake?

Concerned about being green in the bathroom? This is a good idea. Bathrooms tend to have very high volumes of water usage, between showers, baths, and toilet usage. Speak with your plumber about ways to decrease the water and sewage output and input in your personal restrooms.  Low flow toilets are a great place to start. Shower heads and sinks with decreased water output are available for consumers concerned about the environment. Upgraded appliances that save water also save you more money in the long run.

Plumbers are a part of the dream team that you must assemble when you want to build a new bathroom. Check and double check with your plumber (at Garrett Plumbing or another company) to be sure the bathroom you are creating will be successful and useful in the long run.