Cleaning Windows The Right Way

One of the most basic and simple chores is cleaning windows. Unfortunately, it is also one that people don't usually do right. There is a proper way to clean windows, but it isn't common knowledge. If you are looking to get really clean windows that last, follow these simple steps.

Pick the Right Tools

Rumors float around that wadded up newspapers, old t-shirts, and even paper towels are the best materials for washing glass, but that is counterproductive. These don't remove dirt and even cause friction that attracts more dust, making the windows dirty not long after you're done. Have you ever seen a professional window washer using any of these materials? They all use squeegees that are constantly fitted with sharp rubber blades. There's no secret location for finding the right squeegee for this job, just find them at your local home improvement store. Also grab a scrubber or sponge, a few lint-free rages and a bucket while you're there.

Mixing the Right Solution

Commercials might try and tell you that you need a special blue spray to clean windows right, but the truth is that you really only need dishwashing liquid. Mix about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into a couple of gallons of water in your bucket, trying to keep the amount of suds low. It is also recommended that if you are washing windows in really cold weather, you should add some wind shield washing solution to help prevent the water from freezing while cleaning.

Simple Steps to Follow

  • Dip your sponge or scrubber into the soap solution.
  • Wash all over the glass pane paying attention to the corners and edges too.
  • Grab your squeegee and place it in the top corner that is opposite of your dominate hand. Pull it over the glass in a reverse-S pattern with a little pressure.
  • After each stroke, use one of your lint-free rags to wipe the blade clean before starting again.
  • Use your rag to wipe any corners, edges, or vinyl window sills where any liquid remains. 

Cleaning Stubborn Spots

If you notice that spots are left after you finish cleaning, you can go back and scrub them again, following the same process. If you are trying to remove hard water stains, look no further than your bathroom cabinet. Believe it or not, toothpaste is great at getting these marks off of glass. Just squeeze about a 1/2 teaspoon on a wet rag and scrub hard in circular motions on the stains. To remove the toothpaste, spray with a vinegar and water solution. Repeat the original cleaning process if any residue is left behind.

For more tips on window maintenance, contact a local repair or installation company, like Sound Glass Sales, Inc.