Tips To Save On Your Heating Bills This Winter

Now that you've spent your savings on the holiday or a winter trip to an island in the sun, you're probably looking for ways to save money on your heating bills this winter. These tips will help you reduce your energy consumption and improve the efficiency of your home so you can reduce your heating bills in the coming months.

Bring Your Insulation Up to Code

If your home is more than few a decades old, your insulation may not conform to modern standards. To find out what type of insulation is considered best for your home, check out the Department of Energy's Insulation calculator, which will tell you the best type of insulation for structures in your zipcode.

Insulation is sold in home improvement centers and hardware stores across the country, and adding insulation to your attic or basement is a DIY project that many homeowners can handle on their own. If you're not comfortable installing your own insulation, contact a professional such as Alaska Quality Insulators Inc in your area.

Change your HVAC System's Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system to be replaced every 90 days, according to the Energy Star Program. The air filter prevents pollutants and dirt particles from building up in your HVAC system and reducing its efficiency over time.

Add this task to your calendar for all seasons when the HVAC system is in use, so your furnace and air conditioner will continue to function uninhibited by dirt, dust particles and other contaminants.

Have Your Ducts Sealed

Over time, ducts can develop leaks that can cause warm or cold air being blown through the ducts to enter the attic and other parts of the house that aren't supposed to be climate controlled. This can raise your heating and air conditioning expenses throughout the year. Have your ducts inspected by a professional and have them sealed if leaks are detected.

Install Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats prevent you from heating your home more than is necessary. For example, if you prefer that your home stay a slightly colder temperature throughout the day while you're at work, install a programmable thermostat that will turn down the temperature in your house during daylight hours and then turn back up the temperature when you come home for the evening.

For more information about how you can save money on your heating bills this winter, contact an HVAC professional with a reputation for excellence.