Building Strong Products And A Strong Company - Options In Tempering Ovens

As the world economy continues to rebound from a global slowdown, one of the best ways to stabilize your financial future is to operate an industrial firm that manufactures metal products. Metal fabrication is the foundation of a wide variety of other industries, and getting in on the ground floor will allow you to build stability and permanence.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the options available in heat treatment and tempering ovens. Thermal processing will allow you to add strength, textures, coatings, and a wide variety of other modifications to your metal products, giving you a leg up on your competitors and solidifying your reputation as a true master of the metal arts.

Conveyorized Ovens

If your company is developing products that require a high degree of accuracy in their tempering, a conveyorized oven may be the correct choice for you. The oven can be constructed to custom speeds as well as temperatures, and computer controls allow you to vary those controls to accommodate different product needs.

The other major benefit of conveyorized ovens is the ease in loading and unloading. The ability to remove individual products rather than whole batches at once means that you may be able to avoid heavy duty mechanical lifting equipment, and it also provides you with the opportunity to allow parts to cool and then be quickly processed in smaller quantities for more specialization.

Batch Ovens

If your metal fabrication firm specializes in a particular kind of part or product, a batch oven may be a better choice for you. The oven will be constructed to your exact specification and will require less delicate adjustment of the settings, allowing you to quickly and repetitively treat products as quickly as possible.

A batch oven also has the advantage of being able to efficiently vent out dangerous fumes. Your batch oven will be mounted firmly in your facility and connected to an industrial air filtration system that will cut down on smells and create a safe work environment for your employees.

Coating Ovens

Some metal products require special coatings to resist wear or scratches or to create a better aesthetic appeal. These coatings often need to be permanently baked in, as metal parts tend to be under a great deal of stress and wear. Once you've selected the right coating for your products, a coating oven will quickly and efficiently bake them and allow them to cool down to a usable temperature. This allows you to keep the coating operation in house and significantly cut down on your production budget.