Three Different Ways To Install Wood Fencing Around Your Home

If you want to have wood fencing installed around your home, you may not want to have your typical picket fence style. There are other options like installing the fence vertically, using alternative materials, or incorporating plant life into your fence construction. Doing these things will give you a fence that looks different and has more of a personal touch. Here are three alternative methods of wood fence construction that will give you a fence that sets itself apart from all the rest:

1. Horizontal Installation Of Conventional Wood Materials

If you want to have something a little different for your wood fencing, you can install conventional wood materials horizontally instead of using typical wood pickets. The sections with this type of fencing work best if they are shorter; this will make the fence stronger. You can use materials like pine with an epoxy finish or more typical wood fencing materials like cedar, which is more resistant to weathering and insects.

2. Using Alternative Materials Like Vinyl And Composite Decking

There are also other alternatives that you can use for wood fencing, which do not even have to be real wood. Vinyl fencing is a great product that comes in many unique wood styles, which will look different from typical wood fencing and be very durable. If you want to have more of a conventional fence, you can also use materials like composite decking or tropical lumber for a fence that has a different look, but is still built using methods that are more conventional.

3. Incorporating Plant Life With Planters In Your Fence Design

Plant life can also be a great way to have wood fencing that looks different. This can be done by building your fence with plants to make a vertical garden. This can be part of the design of the fence, or it can be an addition to some of the other styles. If you do want to have plants on your fence, it may be a good idea to use liners and make the planters in a way that they can easily be removed and replaced. This is because plants, soil and water will cause wood materials to decay. Another alternative is to use composite or vinyl materials to make the planters.

These are some alternatives you may want to consider when building your new wood fence. If you want to see whether or not you like the look before you have the fence installed permanently, contact a company like A & R Rent-A-Fence to get a temporary fence.