Two Signs That Your In Ground Pool Needs To Be Repaired

In-ground pools offer countless hours of refreshing fun during the warm seasons of the year.  If your pool happens to be located indoors, you get to enjoy your pool regardless of what the weather outside is like.  However, while you are frolicking around in your in-ground pool it's important for you to pay attention to the signs that there may be one or more parts of your pool that aren't working correctly.  This is vital because your pool can quickly deteriorate if it is not repaired within a reasonable period of time.  Use this information as a guide to help you recognize the signs indicating that your pool needs to be repaired.

Your Pool Water Is Murky And Discolored

One of the first signs that there is a problem with your in-ground pool is that your water appears murky or greenish in color.  Foggy water that is hard to see through, or water that has turned green are two indications that your pool pump is not working as it should.  Instead of filtering the water so that bacteria is removed from the pool water, the pump is allowing debris to pass through and it is causing your water to become discolored.

This is a very subtle sign because it's very easy to chalk up discolored water too much or not enough chlorine, or even to blame it on someone else and accuse them of dropping something into the water.  The moment you notice that your water is not the clear, sparklingly blue color that it is supposed to be, immediately call in a professional who can take a look at your pump to find out what the problem is.

You Find Yourself Continually Adding Water To Your Pool

Another sign that your in-ground pool needs professional care is if you notice yourself continually adding water to your pool.  This symptom is also quite difficult to catch because a certain amount of your water will disappear just due to evaporation; while another portion will be displaced if you have family or friends who like to do cannon balls, which cause a great deal of water to fly out of the pool.

While you should definitely take into account the way that your pool is used, it's important not to rule out the chance that there may be a leak.  If you find yourself adding more than two inches of water to your pool each week, it's time to request the assistance of a qualified pool technician.

Finding and catching the signs of disrepair is the key to making your pool last longer.  When you notice either of these symptoms, request professional help right away.