Questions And Answers About Heating Oil

Some homeowners heat their homes by using heating oil as a fuel source. Naturally, many people have questions and concerns about the cleanliness, cost, and safety of using heating oil. Here are some common questions many people have as well as answers to help you in deciding whether or not heating your house with oil is right for you.

How do I know How Much Oil My Tank Will Hold?

The best way to determine how many gallons your tank holds is to fill it up once it is empty. If you already have oil in it, you can check the outside of the tank for a label or call your local oil delivery service to determine how many gallons it holds. Some tanks will indicate somewhere on an exterior sticker or label the total tank capacity.

What is the Average Amount of Oil I will Use?

For a typical home, you can expect to burn about three gallons of oil per day during the extremely cold winter months (December-February). This equates to approximately one hundred gallons per month. For milder months, you may find that you use half or even less than half of what is typically used between winter months.

When Should I Fill My Tank?

It is best to fill your heating oil tank just before winter comes so that you'll have plenty of oil and so that your tank is protected. During the summer, the tank should be at least half full most of the time in order to avoid water condensation buildup inside. Shop around before filling your tank to find out what the current heating oil costs are so you can save some money.

What if I Run Out of Oil?

If you happen to run out of oil, your heater will stop working. Simply hit the reset button located on the burner once your tank has been refilled. Empty tanks do not usually get damaged, but it is recommended that you never let the tank get less than a quarter full.

Is Heating Oil Safe and Clean?

When heating your home with oil, there should be no soot, deposits, or residue. It is just as clean as most other sources of home heating. You should also not smell anything while using your heating tank. Tanks should have annual maintenance performed to ensure that the oil is burning cleanly. If you do experience odd smells, notice smoke or other fumes, or hear any unusual noises, have your tank examined right away by a professional like Cash Oil