Eliminating The Smell Of Smoke From Your House After A Fire

Even a small kitchen fire can easily leave behind a lingering smell of smoke throughout your entire home. This is because while the flames may be contained to just a single room, the smoke that results from this fire will quickly spread through your air ducts into the many areas of your home. Unfortunately, while replacing damaged drywall and melted tiles can be relatively easy, eliminating this lingering odor can be far more difficult. Thankfully, there are some relatively simple tips that you can use to help make the process of fire damage restoration a bit easier.

Tip #1: Begin Running An Air Purifier As Soon As Possible

As you complete the process of restoring your home after a fire, the soot residue that is left behind by the fire will quickly be dispersed through the air until it eventually settles on a new surface. This can contribute to your inability to remove the smoke smell from your home.

In order to prevent this residue from settling on the many surfaces throughout your home, it is important that you begin running an air purifier around the clock as soon as possible after the fire. This air purifier should be used continuously until the restoration process is complete.

Tip #2: Use Vinegar When Washing Clothes And Linens

The smell of smoke can become trapped inside your clothing, linens, area rugs, and other fabric surfaces in your home. While standard laundry detergent may help to remove the stains from your clothing, it will do little to remove the odor. In order to successfully eliminate the odor from these items, you will need to add one cup of white vinegar to your washing machine for each load of laundry you will be doing.

If you plan on taking your laundry to a local laundromat, remember that these commercial washing machines often hold far more than a single load. Be sure to take this fact into consideration when determining how much vinegar to add.

Tip #3: Place Charcoal Around Your Home

Plain charcoal has an amazing ability to filter the lingering smoke residue out of your home. In order to effectively utilize this odor eliminating method, you will need to ensure that you have chosen plain charcoal rather than a variety that includes starter fluid.

Fill several disposable pans with charcoal and place them around your home. It can take several days in order for the charcoal to absorb all of the odors in your home. However, after about a week, you will be able to dispose of the charcoal and begin enjoying a fresh smelling house once again.