Looking To Curb Costs During Renovation Projects? Don’t Scrimp On Land Surveys

When you begin your home improvements and renovations, there are some areas that you may want to curb costs to keep expenses within budget. One thing that you should not scrimp on is a thorough and professional land survey; failure to garner an accurate survey may result in costly repercussions and big headaches later on.

Land surveys are integral to your home projects for these reasons:

Legal reasons

Whether you are planning to build an addition onto your home, or simply adding some features to your home's landscaping, there are legal reasons for having a land survey before you begin. This will not only ensure that you keep your projects well-within the confines of your own land, but will also keep you out of court battling property lines with towns, municipalities, and neighbors later.

Neighborly relations

Speaking of neighbors, a land survey is the best defense for questionable boundaries or ambiguous property lines. Having a professional land survey can eliminate any qualms or disputes regarding where your property ends and your neighbor's begins. Having solid boundaries and established property lines can dissolve any dispute and parlay any conflict early, without unnecessary tension or argument.

Expensive estimates

Don't leave your project up to estimates and guess-work when it comes to surveying the property. A land survey will provide the insight that you need to make adjustments and reconfigurations before you spend your budget building, only to be forced to tear it down or modify it later on. Also, don't rely on those that are not licensed professional surveyors.

Devastating errors

Building without a survey may result in errors surrounding property lines, which may make your structure in violation of local codes and regulations. It may also result in your structure overlapping on someone else' property. In either scenario, the end-result may be that you have to tear down your structure, addition, or even your home to abide by laws and property lines.

Local fines

The expense of having to tear down and rebuild your project or structure is not the extent of the financial burdens that may result from not having a survey done. There are local fines and charges that will be accrued daily until the matter is resolved or removed. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to arm yourself with an accurate, thorough, and recent land survey of your property.

Call professional land surveying companies to set-up your own property survey prior to breaking ground on home improvements, renovations, and additions. The money spent on an accurate land survey now can save much money and grief later!