Garage Door Repair: 2 Repair Services That Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

Malfunctioning garage doors are rarely in need of a complete replacement, but rather tend to become problematic from one of a fairly limited number of issues. It may be that the spring mechanism no longer has the requisite rigidity or tension to retract the door, or that the drums and rollers are in need of a thorough cleaning. In any event, it's far more likely that you're garage door will be up and running again with just a few new parts or a little repair work. This article outlines two common issues with garage doors and what causes them.

Broken Or Weakened Torsion Spring

Many times, your garage door isn't operating properly because its torsion spring is either broken or has been significantly weakened over time. Over the course of many years of use, your garage doors torsion spring may lose the elasticity necessary to retract the garage door back and up. However, a weakened or broken torsion spring can also lead to problems like uneven closure, a failure to remain open, as well as a failure to fully open or fully close.

The torsion spring is an integral component of any garage door mechanism, but its replacement cost is nowhere near the expense of having to replace an entire garage door setup. For a fraction of what you might have paid, a garage door repair specialist can have your torsion spring replaced and restore full functionality to your home's garage door.

Faulty Cable Drums

All garage doors come outfitted with a series of cable drums, mechanisms that accommodate your garage doors cable system, and by extension it's opening and closing functions. Your garage door may be prone to a variety of issues depending on whether it has standard-lift, vertical-lift, or high-lift cable drums.

Sometimes, homeowners complain of loud or apparently damaging noises emanating from their garage door. In most cases, this is simply an instance of cable drums in need of cleaning or lubrication, although it could be something more serious, like unraveling cable wire or shearing metal components as a result of weathered bushings. In either case, the service cost to address these issues is much more cost effective than simply replacing the unit.

Overall, it's important to understand that proper garage door operation is contingent on a number of components, and the failure of any one can significantly impede its functionality. Nonetheless, it is much more likely that problems are a result of broken torsion springs or faulty cable drums, which are far less expensive to repair than simply replacing an entire unit. For further assistance, contact a professional, such as one from Plano Overhead Garage Door.