3 Great Ways To Personalize Your French Doors

If you are thinking about getting french doors, but don't want them to be plain and simple like many of the of the other basic french doors that you have seen, then you can definitely fix this. There are several different ways that you can go about personalizing your french doors to match your particular style. These things can include personalizing not only the door, but the windows in the door. This article will discuss 3 great ways to personalize your french doors.

Add Unique Window Shapes and Designs

An excellent way to personalize your french doors is to choose your own window shapes and designs. This gives you a lot of liberty to choose exactly what you want because you will have so many different glass shapes and types to choose from. You can go with circle windows, small square windows, star windows, diamond shaped windows, or pretty much whatever shape glass can be cut into and still be framed. You can also choose to go with stained glass, opaque glass, colored glass, etched glass, etc. This will definitely set the windows in your french door apart from others that you have seen and give it a very personalized look. 

Paint The Door

A great way to make any door stick out is to paint it a different color from the walls surrounding it, and this holds true with french doors as well. You can choose to go with a variety of paint colors that range from a matte paint to a high gloss paint. You can also give your french doors an antique look by distressing the wood after you've painted it, using a sponge and a piece of sand paper. Finally, if you want to have that gorgeous wood look, you can either stain the door to give it a dark look, or you can put a clear gloss on your natural wood. 

Customize The Door Frame

You can choose to have a door frame that includes more windows. These windows can simply be located on the sides or top of the door, or they can go all the way around. These windows around the door come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and you can use different types of glass depending on your style and privacy needs. You can also incorporate rounded edges around your door frame to give it a softer, more unique look.