Here’s Why Your Heater Stopped Working

Having your heater break down in the middle of the winter can be a frustrating experience. There are a few common reasons for a furnace meltdown, so check for each of these problems when your heater isn't working properly. 

Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter may seem like a simple problem, but it can affect your furnace in many ways, such as creating additional strain on the HVAC system and blocking heat from escaping the furnace. You can replace a filter yourself or purchase one from a heating repair company.

Power Problems

If the pilot light on your furnace is out, then you could have a number of problems with your power source. Check for any outages or downed wires if you have an electric furnace. If the flame isn't staying lit on your oil burning furnace, then you may need to replace the ignition. Either way, a problem with your heater's power can be a fire hazard, so you should get this problem checked out by a professional as soon as possible. 

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes, a simple maintenance problem is the source of your heater outage. Moving parts such as fan motors and fan belts should be replaced at least once a year to keep your heating system running smoothly and to prevent unexpected outages. 

Furnace Settings

There could also be a problem with your connection to the furnace. Make sure that the furnace is set to heat, the batteries in your thermostat are fresh, and that the furnace switch is on. It can be helpful to reboot all of these items and see if it corrects the problem. 

Calling a Technician

The situations above are some of the most common problems with heaters that you can diagnose easily. If you correct the problems above and you're still having problems with your heater, a professional heating repair service is often available around the clock to help fix heating emergencies. 

You can help your furnace repair technician solve your heating problem quickly if you have an error code ready for them. Most newer furnaces have an error light that flashes a code or pattern to help you diagnose your heating problems. Inside the door of the furnace, you should find a legend that will tell you what each of the error codes mean. This can help you to get an accurate estimate before your repairman comes to look at the heater. 

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