Designing Your New Bathroom: Get The Right Bathtub For You

When you finally take the plunge and decide that it is time to remodel your bathroom, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you will need to make. After all, you want every detail to be perfect. As you wander around plumbing showrooms looking at fixtures, tiles, and countertops, you may feel as if you will never be able to decide. However, if you focus on choosing your bathtub first (arguably the most important element of your new bathroom), then the rest of the elements of your bathroom remodeling project should come together to complement your bathtub. So, get to know some of the different types of bathtubs you can choose from. 

Stand Alone Bathtub

Stand alone bathtubs are among the most traditional types of bathtubs available. These bathtubs are not built into a wall in your bathroom like many tub/shower combinations or modern day bathtubs. 

In fact, a stand alone bathtub could theoretically be placed in any area of your bathroom, including right in the center of the room if your would like. These bathtubs can have a modern twist and be extra long with high sloping sides, or extremely traditional complete with claw feet. 

Walk-In Bathtub

If you or someone in your household has serious mobility issues, you may want to consider a walk-in bathtub. Rather than having to lift your legs up over the ledge of the bathtub, these tubs actually have doors on the side. 

This means that there is only a slight step up to get into the bathtub, minimizing the effort and potential danger of getting into the bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs are also equipped with raised seats in the back portion of the tub. This design feature also helps a person with mobility issues so they do not have to struggle to stand back up after their bath is complete.   

Spa Bathtub

If you want your new bathroom to be the ultimate in luxury, you should opt for a spa tub. These bathtubs are essentially like hot tubs or Jacuzzi tubs with powerful water jets that massage and pamper the user. 

In fact, if you get one of these over-sized spa bathtubs for your bathroom, you may never want to leave. The calm and relaxation, paired with the pain relief of the water massage you will get will make your new bathroom nearly irresistible.

With these options in mind, you can choose the right bathtub for your bathroom remodeling project. Once your bathtub is selected, your subsequent design decisions will fall more easily into place and you will have your new bathroom before you know it. Visit a plumbing showroom near you to get more design ideas.