Avoid Making One Of These 3 Mistakes With Your Septic System

Your septic system is an integral component of your home. It helps to remove the waste from your toilet and push it out into the drain field and away from your home. Unfortunately, many people end up making costly mistakes that can damage their system and leave them spending far more than they need to in repairs. To make sure your septic system works throughout the year, avoid making one of the mistakes below.

Using more drain cleaner than you need.

Drain cleaners aren't meant to be used every single day. They should only be used on minor clogs every once in a while. Otherwise, you are going to cause damage to your septic system. By using them liberally, you are going to end up causing the drain materials to corrode and amplify your problem. Before you know it, the pipes have deteriorated to the point where nothing can pass through them. The plumber ends up struggling just to try and remove the clog that started it all and you end up with a hefty repair bill to boot. Use drain cleaners sparingly and as directed. If your system isn't acting right, you need to get someone out there to take a look at it for you.

Ignoring the signs that something is wrong with your system.

Oftentimes, people don't think about their septic system until it starts backing up inside of the house and the toilets won't flush. By that point, there is a good chance that you have caused damage to your system that is going to cost you a pretty penny to repair. The best thing you can do is have someone come out and do a septic cleaning every couple years, if not sooner. The minute you hear the toilets gurgling and your drains start slowing down, you need to have someone come look at your system as soon as possible.

Pouring a bunch of household chemicals into your system.

If you are new to owning a home or never had a septic system before, you probably aren't aware of the dangers of putting a bunch of chemicals into your system. Paint, bleach, anti-bacterial soap and drain cleaners can end up killing off the good bacteria in your septic tank. Another thing that should never be put into your septic system is grease, since this can lead to a giant clog.

Paying attention to the information above can help keep your septic system in good working order for quite some time. Contact a local septic contractor, like Total Enviro Services Inc, for more info.