5 Reasons You Should Invest In Central Air Conditioning

In the hot summer months, nothing feels as good as walking into your nice, cool home. Windows provide a nice, natural breeze, but on a hot summer day nothing can compare to air conditioning. Whether you have central air conditioning, a window unit, or a ductless system, you need your home to achieve a certain temperature to feel comfortable. While the different air conditioning systems might not seem so different at first, a closer look will tell you a different story. Central air conditioning might seem expensive at first, but it's the most efficient, effective choice in the long run. If you're thinking about changing up your air conditioning system, consider these 5 reasons why you should invest in central air.

1. They're usually more efficient. One of the ways air conditioning efficiency is measured is by the energy efficiency ratio (EER), which measures how much energy a unit uses to create a certain amount of cooling. Central air conditioning systems typically have a higher EER than window units because they're able to dehumidify the air better than window units, which makes them work more efficiently.

2. The cooling is more even. Window units are only meant to cool one room, which means one room is very cool, while other rooms in the house are still hot and humid. Central air conditioning sends the air through ducts and registers, which are located in every part of the house. Therefore, you get the same cool air throughout your entire home when you have central air conditioning.

3. They don't make a lot of noise. Window units are loud because of the compressor, which can be distracting and make it difficult to sleep. The compressor of a central air conditioning system is typically located outside where you can't hear it, and the air that filters through the ducts and registers is virtually silent.

4. They have a longer lifespan. Central air conditioning units typically have a lifespan of 15–20 years, while window units typically have a lifespan of 10–15 years. Additionally, performing regular maintenance on your central air conditioning system can ensure that it stays in good, working condition.

5. They provide better air quality. The filters that are used by central air conditioning systems have the ability to filter allergens and pollutants out of the air, so you have better air quality in your home. Some systems even have special features that can filter out the most microscopic allergens.

The cost to install central air conditioning might seem more expensive than other systems at first, but the benefits you get from it will add up quickly and make it the smarter investment in the long run. Visit Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling for more information.