How To Lay And Cut Hardwood Floor Planks

The best thing about installing engineered hardwood floors is the fact that you can install them on your own. Many homeowners who take on the project are surprised how manageable it is. It does require a fair bit of bending and lifting, but it does not require too much construction skill or experience. Installing hardwood floors on your own makes the project very cost efficient. This article explains the best way to lay floors and cut the planks to size.

Laying the Floors

Different engineered floor manufacturers have slightly different systems for attaching the planks. Most have a basic tongue and groove system that is very easy to use. The tongue slides into the groove at a slight angle, and then snaps down, into place. Most of the time, you will then need to lightly tap them with a rubber mallet to make the fit even tighter. As you install the floor, you sometimes will need to apply some floor adhesive to the subfloor. This part of the installation is easy, but cutting the boards to size is a little trickier.

How to Cut the Boards

The most effective and speedy way to cut the boards to length is to use a miter saw. Make sure the saw is compound: meaning the blade can be twisted to make angled cuts. Set up a simple cutting station in a convenient location. If you put the saw on a small table, you can move it from room to room without having to take it apart.

Most of the boards in large rooms will not need to be cut. However, the cuts that you make when you reach the walls need to be precise, so the tiny gap between the floor and wall can be hidden by the baseboard. For the most precise results you should hold the plank where it will be installed. Butt it against the wall. Then, on the other end (where the plank meets the end of the last board) mark directly on the plank, instead of using a tape measure. This will give you the most accurate cuts in the end. It will also cut the extra step of using a tape measure, then transferring that measurement to the plank, reducing the margin for error.

Once you get the hang of cutting and installing the hardwood planks, the installation will be quite simple. Just be sure to always take your time and be cautious when cutting the planks. Also, be sure to wear eyeglass or goggles when operating the saw. For more information on flooring, contact a company like Montana Carpet Brokers.