3 Styles of Fixed Windows That Can Add Style and Light to Your Home

Searching for the perfect type of windows for your remodeling process? Fixed window replacements can add style and extra light to your home without requiring all of the wall space that a moving window requires. There are different types of fixed windows and the choice depends on your decorating style and personal preference.

Here are a few of the ideas you can discuss with a local window replacement specialist.

Small Accent Windows

Small accent windows allow in small amounts of light but mostly act as a decorative statement on the exterior of your home. Common shapes include octagons, keyholes, and portholes. The windows are a great choice in small dim areas such as a staircase landing or a dark pantry or laundry area.

The downside is that the window can be hard to clean on the outside. And if you aren't careful about the positioning, the new accent window can throw off the visual flow of your original windows.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows have frosted blocks of glass stacked into a square or rectangular formation in a sill. This type of fixed window is commonly seen in basements where there is a need for some natural light but not for any added ventilation. There are hybrid windows that combine glass blocks and a movable vent slot through which your laundry machines can vent.

Downsides to glass block windows are the limited practicality, as the windows look a bit industrial in other areas of the home. And the frosted style can make the light a bit too dim if you don't have additional windows in your basement.  

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a set of three or more large fixed windows arranged to form a protruding shape with a center flat window and angled side windows. The setup is similar to a bay window except bay windows can open while picture windows are fixed.

You might prefer the fixed version if the windows are in a seldom-used room that doesn't need that much ventilation or if the windows face an area that takes on too much wind for the windows to be open often anyway. You can still enjoy all of the natural light of a bay window without needing to open the windows or loosing energy efficiency from the opening mechanisms.

The main downside is that picture windows can be difficult to clean on the outside if the room is higher off the ground. You might need a ladder and a long squeegee to clean the exterior panes, but this would also likely be a problem with a bay window. 

If you're looking to put in a new window, or simply upgrade your current ones, take a look at a few websites of local specialists to read more about what services are available.