Making The Most Of Your Medicine Cabinet: A Few Options To Make Your Life Easier

Trying to find space for everything you want or need in your bathroom can be a challenge, especially when the bathroom is on the small side. One way to add a bit more storage space is with a medicine cabinet. However, the average, stuck-to-the-wall unit is not going to do you much good, other than to hold a few bandages and medications. To get the most out of your cabinet, consider the following options.

Recessed Cabinets

Instead of hanging the medicine cabinet on the wall, have it installed in the wall. This way, if you need it to be deeper than the average wall unit, you can have it the thickness of the wall plus a few inches outside of the wall. It would still not stick out as much as a wall mounted cabinet. In addition, you can add a drawer that can slide laterally into the wall to hold things you do not use much.

Adjustable Shelves

Whether you go with a wall-mounted or recessed cabinet, make sure that all the shelves can be adjusted as needed. You do not want to waste space by having to lay something tall on its side, such as mouthwash. On the other hand, having only a few tall shelves that cannot be lowered will also waste space if they contain low-profile items like makeup compacts. When you purchase the cabinet, buy a few extra shelves and holders so you can adjust them as needed.

Electric Outlets

Having electric outlets inside the medicine cabinet not only saves space -- it is also a safety feature. When you have a pedestal sink, or a small area for things like straighteners, electric shavers or blow dryers, having a place to plug things in can make getting ready for your day much easier. When the outlet is kept inside a medicine cabinet, you do not have to worry about water splashing and causing a blown circuit. While a ground fault interceptor can help, too much water can still blow the circuit or cause you to be shocked.

It is up to you to decide how much storage you need in your medicine cabinet. Don't think that what you are hoping for is not possible. Look at what you want to put inside and how you can make adjustments to make everything fit. Shelves, hooks and drawers can free up a lot of space if needed. A bit of ingenuity can turn any cabinet into just what you want. For more information, consider contacting the professionals at Affordable Custom Enclosures.