Four Rules That Will Keep Your Children Safe Around Your Garage Door

You might open and close your garage door a significant number of times over the course of a weekend without giving much thought to how dangerous this door can be. However, if you have young children, it's important to understand the hazards posed by the door and be aware of its risk to youths – about 30,000 people are injured by garage doors annually and a significant percentage of the victims are children. While you should always have a certified garage door contractor repair any issues with the door that could lead to injury, it's also important to educate your children about proper use of the door. Here are four rules that are important for the safe operation of the door.

Don't Race A Closing Door

Many children love the idea of dashing up the driveway and ducking under an automatic door that has started to close. While a door's sensors should immediately reverse the direction of the door, some children know that they simply need to step over the sensors to avoid triggering them. This challenge might seem fun to children, but it's highly dangerous. Many garage doors can weigh at least 150 pounds, which is more than enough to seriously injure a child.

Steer Clear Of The Tracks

Just as you teach your kids to stay away from train tracks, they should also avoid touching the tracks that support the garage door. Children might be enticed by the size and shape of the tracks – after all, they're a perfect size in which to slide a toy car. However, an opening or closing door could quickly pinch a child's fingers in the track and cause serious injuries. Although the tracks are accessible along the sides of the door, make sure your kids know that they're off limit.

Remote Control Is For Adults

The remote control that allows you to operate your garage door should always be positioned high on the wall of your garage so that children can't reach it. If the control is incorrectly placed low, arrange for a garage door contractor to relocate it. You don't want your children playing with the control panel and opening and closing the door, especially when they're playing within the door's vicinity.

Stay Away From Insulation Panels

An insulated garage door can improve the energy efficiency of your home, but it's important to teach your children to stay away from this soft, fluffy panel. Insulation is highly dangerous to kids – the tiny fibers can get in their eyes and nose and irritate their skin. Teach them the importance of not touching the insulation panel and ensure that the plastic wrap that stretches over the insulation doesn't contain any holes.

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