When It Is Time To Call The Contractors For Water Well Drilling

No matter where or how you live, you need to have a source of water to survive. If you live within the water company's boundaries for a municipality, you most likely have your water pumped in from them. If your house is outside those boundaries, you need to have a well drilled and some type of pump connected to it. This should meet your family's water needs. However, there are situations when you are going to need to contact a drilling contractor to either drill a new well, or go deeper on the one you currently have. Here are a few of those situations.

Not Enough Water

If you are not getting any water at the faucets in your home, it could be an electrical problem (the pump is not getting any), or it could be the pump itself has quit working. Before calling the drillers, make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to. Usually, if the well has gone dry, you won't run out of water all at once, you will notice the yield going down. Depending on the depth of the well, you may be able to have it drilled deeper, without having to dig a whole new well. This is generally the case when the well was initially drilled into the ground water and no further. Have it taken down deeper, to a contained aquifer, and you should have plenty of water again.

Contaminated Water

Municipal water is constantly tested and treated to ensure it is safe for drinking. When you have a well it is up to you to have the water tested. This should be done at least once a year. If it is determined that your water is not safe for drinking, you may be able to use some type of filter to correct the problem. However, to truly take care of the situation, you need to determine the cause of the contamination and get rid of it, and/or drill a new well. If the problem is due to contaminant seeping into the ground water from the surface, such as fertilizers or livestock waste, drilling deeper may work for a while, but the contaminants will eventually seep into the aquifer too.

Having a well saves on having to pay for water monthly, which can be a lot if you are watering livestock or a large area of crops. In addition, you won't have any of the chemicals added that municipalities often add to ensure the water is safe for drinking. However, it is your responsibility to know when it is time to call in the well drilling contractors (like those at Advanced Drilling and other locations) to keep an adequate supply of safe water for your family.