Refuting Frequently Held Myths About Aluminum Carports

Your car represents a major investment on your part, and it is important to keep it as safe as possible. Sadly, there can be an almost endless stream of threats and challenges that will need to be handled if you are to keep your car safe from harm. In particular, there are many weather events that can cause extensive damage to an exposed car. While a garage may be the best option for keeping your car safe, your home may lack this area. As a result, you might want to consider installing an aluminum carport, but if you believe the following couple of myths about this option, it might be difficult for you to make the right choice for your home.

Myth: Aluminum Carports Are Unstable

Some people make the assumption that these carports will not be stable and secure. As a result, they might think that there is a strong chance of winds easily blowing the carport away, and causing damage to your house or property. However, you should be relieved to learn that this is not the case because these structures are firmly anchored to the ground using either deep concrete spikes or by attaching the structure to a foundation.

Myth: Aluminum Carports Never Require Permits To Erect

While the installation of an aluminum carport can be a highly effective way of deploying a protective structure for your vehicle, some homeowners assume there is never a need to get a permit for this upgrade. This belief can stem from the fact that some people assume that permits are only needed for construction projects. However, you should be aware of the fact that many communities require permits for the installation of fabricated metal buildings. The exact rules can vary from one area to another, but you can easily find out if a permit is needed for this upgrade. Failure to obtain a permit can cause you to be heavily fined, and this makes the minor inconvenience of contacting the building department a small price to pay for avoiding this repercussion.

Installing an aluminum carport can be a great option for keeping your car safe from the elements. Yet, these upgrades can represent a relatively major project for you to undertake, and as a result, you must be informed about this installation to make a sound choice. Having the truth about these two commonly believed myths about these carports will help you to be an informed homeowner when you are making this decision. Visit for more information.