Important Reasons To Hire A Painting Service

Are you tired of stark white or boring beige walls? Do you want to update the look of one or more of your rooms with bright, modern colors? Painting the interior of your home can seem like a daunting challenge. Instead of continuing to put off your interior design dreams, perhaps it's time you hired a professional. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional painting service may be a good idea:

Take care of vaulted ceilings: Even if you've lived in your house for a while, you may not own a ladder that's both appropriate for painting and is tall enough to reach your ceilings. If you've done any research, you've probably noticed that these types of ladders can be very expensive. If you're only going to use the ladder for painting every few years, it probably seems like a needless expense. You could try using a paint roller with a long extension, but these can be awkward to get used to and you could accidentally put unwanted paint on your walls as you're bringing the roller down to add more paint. But if you hire a painting service to take care of any rooms with vaulted ceilings, they'll come with their own equipment. Not only will they have ladders that they can use, they'll be used to long-handled paint rollers so that they won't accidentally damage your walls or your windows.

Done more quickly: Painting can take a long time, especially when done by non-professionals. Even if your spouse or significant other helps you with the task, just a single large living room could take you an entire weekend to complete -- and that's if there are no interruptions from kids or other obligations! If your free time is limited, you probably don't want to spend the next month doing nothing but painting. Instead of having to live around paint mess and drop cloths for weeks, a painting service can have your home repainted in a very short time. Instead of just one or two people, the job will often be completed by an entire group and will be done much faster as a result. For example, instead of one person spending two hours each on four living room walls, for a total of eight hours, four people can spend a total of two hours on repainting your living room. This can result in your entire home being repainted in a single day, instead of the full month or more it might take if you were working alone.

Less cleanup: Cleaning up after a painting job can take almost as much time as the painting itself. When doing it on your own, you have to properly dispose of any empty paint cans and soiled drop cloths. All of the painting equipment must either be stored away carefully, given away, or otherwise disposed of. Depending on local regulations, disposal could take up an entire afternoon on its own as you're forced to go to your local hazardous waste disposal facility. But with a painting service, you won't have to deal with any of that. They'll take all their equipment with them, leaving none for you to put away or get rid of. Almost all masking tape that was used should also be pulled up and removed before they go, leaving you with fresh-looking rooms and nothing to do but move your furniture back into place.