A Few Common Concerns About Foundation Issues

The foundation of your home is one of the most important features of the structure because it is responsible for ensuring the house remains stable. Unfortunately, a foundation can suffer numerous issues that can structurally compromise the house. If you are a new homeowner, you may have limited knowledge about foundation problems, which may mean you would benefit from having a few questions answered.

What Type Of Problems Can Your Foundation Experience?

Some of the more common issues that your foundation may encounter will relate to water damage. Water can be immensely powerful, which can allow it to easily erode the soil from under your home. This problem will cause the house's weight to be unevenly distributed. Also, it is possible for moisture to seep into the foundation where it can cause the rebar to rust or the concrete to crack.

How Do You Know If Your House Has Foundation Problems?

It may seem as though it would be impossible for you to know whether your home has this type of problem. However, you should be aware that there are a couple of noticeable signs that could alert you to this issue. For example, foundation problems can cause the house to shift, and while you may not be able to notice this shift, you may notice that the windows and doors no longer open or close as easily. Also, there may be cracks forming on the interior of your home's walls. If you notice any of these warning signs, you will want to have a contractor inspect the foundation as soon as possible.

What Can Be Done To Correct These Issues?

Foundation problems can be progressive, which makes it important for you to have them addressed early. In instances where the soil has eroded from under the house, a contractor will need to excavate around the compromised area so that gravel and dirt can be used to fill in the missing soil. To prevent this problem in the future, it may be necessary to landscape the yard in a way that will direct the flow of water away from the house. If the damage is due to the foundation cracking from moisture exposure, it may be possible to simply patch the cracked concrete before applying a sealant to it. The patch will help to structurally reinforce the concrete so the crack will not continue to spread, and the sealant will form a waterproof layer that will stop moisture from seeping into the foundation.

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