How You Can Prep Your House For New Siding And New Insulation

Although siding contractors generally provide an estimate for tearing off the siding and insulation on your house, you could skip that expense and help the contractor out in the same breath. It takes a little bit of elbow grease on your part, but you may find that it is worth it. Here is how you can prep your house for new siding and insulation and help your contractor get a jumpstart on the job.

Rent Two Large Dumpsters

If you rent the dumpsters, you are in control of how long they stay and how long they block up your driveway. You are also in control of the daily rental expense, which may be enough to motivate you to finish your end of the work quickly. Use one dumpster for the old vinyl siding and one for the old insulation.

Pull ALL the Siding Off

The siding should pop up and off the side of your house like the slats on a window blind. As the siding comes off, you can chuck it into the dumpster. Continue until you have pulled all of the siding off, leaving only the vertical corner pieces. These are usually nailed into the wood of your home, and your contractor's crew can work to remove these carefully so there is no damage.

Pull All the Insulation Off

Next, pull all the insulation off. Be sure to wear gloves and a respirator, since some types of insulation contain fiberglass threads or chips and can hurt your hands and respiratory tract. Drop all of the insulation into the second dumpster. This will expose the insides of the walls in your home, so make sure that all of this prep work you are doing is no more than a day or two before the contractor's crew begins and that rain or other precipitation is not a concern. If there is any chance that the wood in the walls may get wet, apply a lot of painter's tarps or plastic sheeting to the walls until the contractor's crew can pull it down.

Remove the Bins and Clear the Area for the Contractor

Finally, after all of the work you have completed, you will need to move the garbage bins out of the way and/or off the property. This creates enough room for the siding contractor and his/her crew to begin installation of the new insulation and siding. He or she may bring his/her own dumpster for the final removal of the vertical bits of siding or just drop them in the back of a pick-up. The job the contractor completes now lasts only a day or two and not several days to a week because of the prep work you completed.