Preventing Ghost Entries With Commercial Sliding Doors: A Non-Paranormal Repair

If you have commercial sliding doors, then you probably also have motion sensors that allow the doors to open when customers arrive. However, there is a little problem with some commercial doors. They receive "ghost entries." This is where the doors frequently slide part or all of the way open when no one is there. To better understand this problem and what causes it, here is a closer look.

Ghost Entries

There are three reasons why your commercial sliding doors open and close like this, and it is not ghosts. The first cause is that you have an oversensitive sensor in the door. The second is that there is a slight surge in power that feeds the door. The third has to do with the strength of the wind outside and the angle at which the wind hits the door.

How to Fix Each of These Types of Ghost Entries

Now that you know that you do not need to call the Ghostbusters, Ghost Hunters, or any other paranormal team, the repairs for these ghost entry issues are simple. 

  • For an oversensitive sensor eye, have the repair technician tweak it and set it so that only persons of a particular height (e.g., five feet) can activate it and/or set it to open the door when it detects someone from two feet away rather than six or more feet. 
  • For electrical surges, have an electrician check the circuit box and see if there is a way to protect the lines going to and coming from your doors. It may be possible to prevent the surges and/or reroute the lines into their own switch so that they are not getting jolted by wiring for the rest of the building.
  • As for problems with the wind, if you live in an area that frequently experiences high winds, you could either build a fence around the entrance or you could completely reconstruct the doors so that the opening occurs on a face of the building that receives less wind. For example, if the wind blasts the doors facing north, remodel so that the doors face east or west.

This should significantly reduce the number of times your commercial doors just seemingly slide open on their own. If the doors persist in opening and closing, there may be something else quite faulty with them. At this point, you should contact the company that sold you the doors to make sure there is not something you overlooked with regards to their installation. For more information, visit websites like