How A Safety Consultation Protects Your Business

Ensuring a hazard-free work environment not only keeps your employees safe, but it reduces the risk of paying costly worker's compensation claims. For a small or medium-sized business, serious workplace injuries can derail or even bankrupt your business. Scheduling an Occupational and Safety Health Administration consultation with an authorized trainer is one of the best ways to protect your staff and your business.


The goal of having a safety consultation is to identify potential workplace hazards so that you can use the provided information to strengthen the injury and illness prevention programs that you already have in place. Physical hazards, such as constant loud noise, chemical hazards like exposure to solvents, and other safety hazards like unguarded machinery put your employees at risk. Once identified, you have the opportunity to correct overlooked workplace hazards.


Improving your company's safety and health program provides a number of benefits. For example, putting a strong illness prevention program in place reduces the number of sick days and missed work days, thereby improving your business' productivity and by keeping your employees healthy. Implementing a safety program that keeps your staff informed also serves to boost employee morale. In the most severe circumstances, a strong health and safety program prevents loss of life at your work site. It protects your workers from injury, lowers your operating costs and protects your profits.

What to Expect

A well-trained consultant meets with you on-site to discuss your current health and safety program. In some instances a consultant will also meet with your employees. The goal of the conference meeting is to identify your specific needs. The consultant will also go over OSHA guidelines and best practices. Following this conference meeting, together with the employer, or a representative that the employer elects, the consultant will perform a thorough walk-through of the business. During this time, the consultant will examine workplace conditions, as well as evaluate and identify potential hazards. 

Review Findings and Correcting Hazards

After the walk-through, the consultant will review the findings with the employer. This way you learn what improvements need to be implemented to increase safety in the workplace. The consultant will also review what you are doing right in the current safety program, so that you know which procedures are working and which ones aren't. You'll receive a written, detailed report of the findings. After a thorough review of the findings, the employer can use the information to correct hazards and improve the current safety program. For more information, contact a company like CSP Consulting Services LLC.