Pros And Cons Of Adding Walk-In Closets To Your Custom Home

Working with a custom builder on a design for your next home means that you'll need to give careful consideration to each element before you approve it. A primary reason to have a custom home built is so that you can be in love with every detail, which means that thoroughly evaluating things as you go is integral. Walk-in closets are something that many people favor in the master bedroom and even in other bedrooms. Here are some pros and cons of these spaces that you can weigh before making your decision.

Pro: It's Roomy

Many people favor walk-in closets because of how roomy they can be. Instead of sliding open a closet door and reaching for your clothing, you can actually walk into the walk-in closet and be surrounded by shelving of clothing, hanging articles of clothing, and even dressers. If you and your spouse are getting dressed at the same time, many walk-in closets are roomy enough to accommodate you both concurrently.

Con: It Takes Up Space

The flipside of a walk-in closet being so roomy is that it takes up more space than a convention closet with a sliding door. If your custom home design isn't big, you may find that the square footage of a walk-in closet simply takes up too much space in the design. In this case, a standard closet will be smaller and may thus provide you with more square footage in your bedroom.

Pro: It's A Luxury

Low-end homes seldom have walk-in closets, which means that this addition to your custom home design can feel very luxurious. If you're looking for swanky additions to your home design, such as a soaker tub in the bathroom, pot lights in the kitchen, and even a two-level deck outside, you may favor the luxurious quality that a walk-in closet gives you. This is especially true if your custom builder outfits the walk-in closet in an upscale way, perhaps with hardwood flooring, an island with a granite countertop, and similar elements.

Con: The Door Can Be Obtrusive

It might seem like a small detail, but the door of your walk-in closet can be a bit of an issue. For example, if it swings outward, you'll need to set up your bedroom accordingly. This means that your bed and any other fixtures can't be positioned too close to the door. As a result, your bedroom may have wasted space that you don't appreciate. Whether you opt for a walk-in closet or decide on a different design, your customer builder can make your vision into a reality.

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