Expanding Your Living Space: Three Practical Home Addition Ideas To Consider

While room additions can often be luxurious spaces you add to your home, they can also be used to serve a range of functional purposes. If your home is short on space, consider the following options for a room addition.

Laundry And Mud Room

Having the laundry in your home's basement can be impractical, from having to walk up and down the stairs with heavy laundry baskets to the risks of flooding that come with basements. Instead, consider adding a laundry and mud room addition. The mud room is a space where your family can shed heavy coats, muddy shoes, and wet rain coats without tracking a mess into the rest of the home, and having the laundry situated in this space means you can throw dirty clothes directly in the dryer when you and your little ones come home.

Dining Room

If your home only has a breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen, you may want to consider adding a dining room to your home. This home addition option is sometimes a simple project, as it won't need plumbing like a bathroom or laundry room might. Consider adding two or three walls with floor-to-ceiling windows to make the space bright for family breakfast or brunch, and have your contractor install a chandelier or ceiling fan with built-in lights to illuminate your dining table.

Nursery Suite

Creating space for a newborn can be a wonderful way to help welcome your little one into the world. Add a nursery suite to provide all of the space you and your little one need during this precious time in your family. The suite should have a small bathroom that can be used for bathing your little one or for tending to the personal needs of new moms in the days and weeks that follow the birth. The bedroom area can be custom-painted to fit your chosen theme. Be sure that you choose a floor plan that's large enough to accommodate a crib and a small sleeper sofa, as this will provide both you and Baby a place to sleep whenever you want to be in the same room. When your little one is big enough to move to one of the other bedrooms in the home, the nursery suite can be transformed into a guest suite.

Work with your contractor to determine how much available space you have for a room addition, and discuss what the space will be used for. Once you've come up with a plan, you can begin to shop for paint colors, flooring, and decorations to make the space truly special.