Dealing With Old And Over Grown Trees Around Your Home

Trees around you home are nice, but when they get really large and overgrown, they can become a hazard. The simple solution is to remove the tree, but the removal itself might not be that simple. There are things you need to consider and you should never try and take the tree down on your own. Hiring a tree service to help you is the best way to go or at least consult with before you do anything.

Accessing The Hazard

Determining if a tree on your land is going to be a problem is important. If it is hanging over the roof of your home or other building on the property, it should be trimmed or pruned so no dead branches or parts of the limb are still over the building. The limbs may look fine on the outside, but the inside may be hollow and rotted. A high wind, heavy snow, or icing conditions could cause the limb to come down with enough force that it might penetrate the roof. Similarly, a large limb hanging over a parking area could do damage to a car or truck parked under it, should it break off and fall.

Trimming The Tree

If a tree service, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc., determines that a portion of the tree needs to be trimmed off, they will bring a crew to your home and remove the sections carefully, so no damage occurs during the removal process. In most cases, a crew with a bucket truck and a wood chipper will arrive and work together on the ground and in the air so they can get the work down quickly and efficiently. If you want the wood from the tree to burn in your stove or fireplace, let the tree service know they do not have to remove it once it is down. You can cut it up into usable lengths after the limbs are on the ground and stack it up where it can dry well before you use it.

Removing The Tree

If the entire tree needs to be removed, the process is not all that different. The crew will still trim the tree back but they will remove the limbs all the way to the trunk. Once all the limbs are off, they can remove the trunk in sections so they can control where they fall. After the trunk is down, they will grind all the wood up in the chipper and haul it all away for you. In some cases, the tree service might remove the stump but sometimes you have to get a stump removal company to come in and grind the entire stump down until it is gone. The hole can be filled with soil and leveled off then planted with grass if you like.