Benefits Of Organizing Rental Open Houses Instead Of Private Showings

When someone is interested in renting an apartment unit, he or she will call the rental office, speak to the property manager, and set up a time for a private showing. If the property that you manage has always approached prospective tenants in this manner, you may want to think about making some changes.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with private showings, scheduling open houses instead can be a better idea. When you have a unit that you need to rent, you can simply advertise an open house that people can attend. Here are some benefits of making this change.

Less Time Investment

Private showings can be a considerable time investment for the property manager. Even in a small unit, a prospective tenant will want to take some time to walk through the unit, inspect it carefully, look out the window at the view, and ask some questions about the building. It's easy for a single private showing to take a fair bit of time, and if you end up with a couple of them in a day, you'll be surprised at how much time you've devoted to renting the unit. When you opt for an open house instead, you'll set aside a block of time that will often be less than you'd otherwise spend showing the unit to multiple would-be tenants.

More Security

If you're a female property manager, you might sometimes feel uneasy about private showings. The idea of taking a complete stranger into a unit with a closed door can potentially put you at risk. Having a second staff member accompany you might make you feel more secure but is inefficient in terms of the other person's productivity. When you arrange an open house, you'll often feel more comfortable simply because of the flow of people visiting to see the unit, and you may opt to have a colleague present to help field questions from people, thus making you feel safer.

Less Disruptive To Residents

Constant private showings of vacant units can be disruptive to the nearby tenants. For example, a tenant who lives next to a vacant unit might get fed up with you leading people into the unit — perhaps multiple times a week. An open house is a one-time inconvenience, and provided that you advertise it in advance, residents can decide to go out while the open house is taking place so that they aren't bothered by all of the people congregating outside of their door.

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