Erosion, Water & Foundations: 4 Ideas to Address Drainage Problems That Cause Damage to Your Home

The foundation of your home is vulnerable to damage due to water and drainage problems. First, the static water pressure caused by runoff draining through the soil can cause damage, and then, erosion around the foundation can cause serious structural issues. Therefore, you want to address problems with drainage near your home that causes damage to the foundation. The following improvements are some ideas that will help reduce these problems and protect your home from foundation damage:

1. Watershed and Landscaping Drainage Solutions 

To start with improvements to protect your foundation, you will want to address issues with the watershed and landscaping drainage. Create drainage canals that help to direct water away from your home or install a landscape drainage system with grates in low areas and buried pipes. An additional dry well can also be added to provide a solution to create a place for water to go if you are working with difficult terrain elevations.

2. Waterproofing Systems

The waterproofing of your home is a combination of sealant, drainage lines and some type of insulation or protective sheathing. These systems work well when they are new, but older sealants can dry and crack, which leads to damage. If you have to repair the waterproofing, consider upgrades with modern membrane systems that provide more protection from static water pressure and sealants drying out.

3. Gutters

Home improvements like gutters are also a great way to protect your foundation from damage. First, consider installing gutters if you do not have any, and then, other improvements like drain lines that extend out into landscaping instead of splash pads near the foundation. In addition, there are other improvements like coverings and extended overhangs that can help keep water away from the foundation.

4. Foundation Drainage Systems

The drainage systems of your foundation are the best way to deal with erosion problems. Talk with a foundation repair contractor about upgrades to the exterior of your home, such as installing a French drain system to keep water from eroding the soil around your foundation. In addition, foundation drainage systems can also be installed in your home if you have a basement or lower finished area beneath the exterior soil elevations. Interior drainage systems will help solve problems with condensation and moisture, as well as issues like flooding, foundation damage, and plumbing problems in the lowest areas of your home.

These are some improvement ideas to help reduce drainage issues that cause damage to the foundation of your home. If your home has foundation damage, contact a foundation repair service such as Jaco Waterproofing for help with repairs, and talk to them about helping with some of these improvements to address the cause.