Ensure Your Home’s Drinking Water Is Safe With These Tips To Choose The Best Location To Drill

The location where you drill for water is important for several reasons. You want to make sure that the water does not get contaminated and that there is plenty of groundwater to recharge the well during the dry months. The following tips will help you choose the best location to drill your well to have clean drinking water flowing to your home.

Choosing the Locations That Have Water Closer to the Surface to Reduce Drilling Costs  

The water that you are drilling for can be at different depths depending on where you drill. If you want to avoid drilling deep and extra costs, then you will want to find an area where there is water close to the surface. A well drilling location service will be able to survey the terrain to find the best location to drill where the water is closest to the surface.  

Sewer Lines and Septic Systems That Need to Be a Safe Distance from Where You Drill for Water  

Sewer lines and septic systems can affect where you drill your water well. You want to make sure that the well is drilled in areas that are a safe distance from septic systems and sewer lines. This will ensure that the well water does not get contaminated by leaking pipes or the waste of a septic drain field.  

Reduce Runoff Well Contamination with Hardscaping Barriers and a Good Wellhead System  

The well that carries clean water to your home can be vulnerable to runoff that contains contaminants like fertilizers and insecticides. Therefore, you want to make sure the wellhead is above the surface of the soil and protect it with barrier systems in your landscaping using hardscaping solutions like retaining walls.

Consideration for the Distance of the Well from Your Home and the Cost of Materials for Installing Equipment 

Wells require electrical wiring and pipes that are buried and run from the well to your home. This means that the further the distance from your home the well is drilled, the more materials and higher costs you will have. This is something that you can avoid by finding a location for your water well that is not too far away from your home.  

These are some tips to help choose the best location to drill your water well to ensure it is clean and never dries up during the dry season. If you need to have a well drilled, contact a drilling location service first to evaluate your property and find the best location for your new water well.

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