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How To Clean Your Glass Shower Doors Without Using Chemicals

No matter how well you rinse your shower doors after cleaning them with a chemical based cleaning solution, there will likely be a chemical residue left on the door. The problem with this is, the next time you treat yourself to a long, hot shower, that residue may become airborne as the steam from your shower turns it to mist. This mist will then be inhaled by you. Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to eliminate this risk and keep your shower doors looking great simply by using the all-natural cleaning method described below. Read More 

Fence Installation Prep: Four Tips For Getting Ready For Your New Fence

A fence can be a great way to add privacy to your home, keep pets from running off, or keep wandering animals out of your yard. Installing one isn't as simple as just sticking a few posts in the ground, though. Be sure to take these steps before installing a fence: 1. Check Local Rules and Laws Just because it's your property doesn't necessarily mean you can build any type of fence wherever you want. Read More 

Benefits Of Adding New Replacement Windows

If you're getting ready to embark on some home improvement projects, don't forget about your windows. Your windows account for a majority of the energy loss in your home if they are not insulated or installed properly. If your windows are over 10 years old, you may want to consider having them replaced with energy-efficient models. Here are a few benefits of switching out your old drafty windows with airtight replacements. Lower Utility Bills The biggest benefit to having new windows installed is lowered utility bills. Read More