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So, You Want To Finish Your Basement?

If a basement is not finished at the time of construction, homeowners can waste this additional square footage by allowing the basement to remain obsolete. Investing in the framing and finishing of a basement space can significantly increase the square footage of your home. This will make your residence more functional and increase its property value. Homeowners can encounter some problems when finishing a basement, so you should be prepared to tackle some common issues that might arise as you frame and drywall your basement in the future. Read More 

What Is Radon, And Why Should You Have A Home Testing For It?

If you are hunting for a new home, one of the recommendations that your realtor may make is to have the home tested for radon. Some home buyers just go along with this suggestion, while others say "no" to save money. But in both cases, few have a true understanding of what radon is and why testing may be important. Read on to learn the basics about radon so you can make an informed decision whether or not to test for it in the homes you're considering. Read More 

Benefits Of Organizing Rental Open Houses Instead Of Private Showings

When someone is interested in renting an apartment unit, he or she will call the rental office, speak to the property manager, and set up a time for a private showing. If the property that you manage has always approached prospective tenants in this manner, you may want to think about making some changes. While there's nothing inherently wrong with private showings, scheduling open houses instead can be a better idea. Read More 

Why Glass Doors Are The Ideal Choice For Your Commercial Building

Although they often go overlooked, doors are undoubtedly some of the most important parts of any commercial building. Each day they greet your staff and guests as they enter and exit the building. They are repeatedly opened and closed and need to be both functional and attractive. If you're trying to decide what kind of doors to put on the front of your new commercial building see why glass doors are the ideal choice. Read More 

Preparing For Severe Weather As A Homeowner

Severe weather is one of the main things that many homeowners don't look forward to experiencing each year. Some of the most severe storms that commonly develop are hurricanes and tornadoes, especially in certain regions that have the ideal climate for the storms. If you unknowingly moved to a region that has severe storms on a regular basis, your options are to either move, or take safety measures to protect yourself and property. Read More