Tips To Save On Your Heating Bills This Winter

Now that you've spent your savings on the holiday or a winter trip to an island in the sun, you're probably looking for ways to save money on your heating bills this winter. These tips will help you reduce your energy consumption and improve the efficiency of your home so you can reduce your heating bills in the coming months. Bring Your Insulation Up to Code If your home is more than few a decades old, your insulation may not conform to modern standards. Read More 

Cleaning Windows The Right Way

One of the most basic and simple chores is cleaning windows. Unfortunately, it is also one that people don't usually do right. There is a proper way to clean windows, but it isn't common knowledge. If you are looking to get really clean windows that last, follow these simple steps. Pick the Right Tools Rumors float around that wadded up newspapers, old t-shirts, and even paper towels are the best materials for washing glass, but that is counterproductive. Read More 

How To Clean Your Glass Shower Doors Without Using Chemicals

No matter how well you rinse your shower doors after cleaning them with a chemical based cleaning solution, there will likely be a chemical residue left on the door. The problem with this is, the next time you treat yourself to a long, hot shower, that residue may become airborne as the steam from your shower turns it to mist. This mist will then be inhaled by you. Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to eliminate this risk and keep your shower doors looking great simply by using the all-natural cleaning method described below. Read More 

What To Ask Your Plumber Before Finalizing Bathroom Plans

A brand new bathroom is like a brand new start for the entire home. New bathrooms can bring about a luxurious feel, or at least make getting ready in the morning a little more fun! Before you finalize all the pieces to your bathroom construction, there are a few crucial questions that you should ask your plumber. Will the shower drain have any issues? A nice, standing shower and a separate Jacuzzi tub are as relaxing as they sound. Read More